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    Product description
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    A thermoelectric cooler (TEC), also referred to as Peltier element, is a single-stage or multi-stage thermoelectric battery of thermocouples connected in series or in parallel. The so-called Peltier effect is generated when electrical current flows through the thermocouples in the TEC; this causes cooling on one side of the TEC while heating is caused on the other side. The change of polarity of the electric current supplied also changes the direction of heat flow. Thanks to this circumstance, the temperature of the object to be cooled can be precisely maintained when the ambient temperature changes or thermal output is released. These beneficial properties of Peltier elements are widely used for temperature stabilisation of temperature-sensitive elements e.g. in laser technology and radio electronics. They are used in all areas in which cooling is required with high reliability and small dimensions without using any moving parts.


    Standard Options


    Substrate material

    Alumina (96% Al2O3)

    Max.operating temperature


    Height tolerance

    ± 0,05 mm


    ≤ 0,02 mm


    ≤ 0,01 mm

    Resistance tolerance

    ± 10%

    Wires insulation


    Wires length

    120 mm

    Ceramic plates of hot side and cold side

    Blank (naked) ceramics

    TECs (module)

    not sealed

    Additional options*





    Substrate material

    Aluminium Nitride (AlN)



    Max.operating temperature



    ROHS - Conform

    ROHS - Conform

    Resistance tolerance

    ± 5%



    Wires insulation

    Silicon; Teflon



    Wires length

    as directed by the customer



    Ceramic plates of hot side and cold side

    Metallized -  Ni-Sn
    Metallized -  Au


    Hot side or cold side, or hot and cold sides.

    TECs with protection

    - Silicon
    - Epoxy
    - Stycast 1090 Epoxy
    - Lacquered




                                                St - For special application

    Special version for operating under conditions of temperature cycling

    ≥ 1,2x105 cycles +40°C / +90°C



    Vacuum cleaning and annealing



    For space and special application

    * please state separately when ordering

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